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I’ve never titled a sentence before :: e :: 20
    TAGS: 1st Sentence, flowerpots, hats

Do we get to wear little flowerpot hats?‚Äč

March 30, 2005 at 5:20 PM
Keith's avatar

Hats are not provided, but more then welcome.

Keith on 04/05/06 at 01:30 PM
e's avatar

So where is everybody, out picking up their scriner hats?

e on 04/05/06 at 01:30 PM
Keith's avatar

Fashionably late, I suppose.

I see that the email notification is working when someone replies to a post or comment, but is not quite directing you back to the right place.

Keith on 04/05/06 at 01:31 PM
e's avatar

2!  that’s 2 sentences! (this is 3.)

e on 04/05/06 at 01:31 PM
e's avatar

I went to the email notification and clicked on it and came here wasn’t I supposed to come here I think this is the right place it is not?

e on 04/05/06 at 01:31 PM
Keith's avatar

Anything goes in comments.

And I think I’m going to limit the number of words that show in titles to 2, but I’m still thinking about that one.

Keith on 04/05/06 at 01:32 PM
Keith's avatar

You’re right.  It’s my email link that is cutting itself off for some reason.  All is well with Scrine.

Keith on 04/05/06 at 01:32 PM
e's avatar

Yes, it worked. I clicked on the email for this one again (even though I’m right here—I was testing)and it brought me right here. Again.

So my title would read ... How indignant I will sound! Puffed up like a pouter pigeon.  In a flowerpot hat.

Aha!  Another email!

e on 04/05/06 at 01:33 PM

I want a fez, if we’re going to have hats.

Snow on 04/05/06 at 01:33 PM
e's avatar

There you are!  We’ree growing.  Fezzes are flowerpot hats. For scriners.

e on 04/05/06 at 01:34 PM

Yes, but it must have a tassel.  Tassle?  Whatever.  A dangly thing!  It must have a dangly thing!

Snow on 04/05/06 at 01:34 PM
e's avatar

And scrine spelled out in bugle beads across the front.

e on 04/05/06 at 01:34 PM
Keith's avatar

A dangly thing is important.

Keith on 04/05/06 at 01:35 PM

Maybe not.

Keith on 04/05/06 at 01:35 PM

No, it’s definitely important.  Especially for some things.  Things like…well…dangling.

Snow on 04/05/06 at 01:35 PM
e's avatar

Sure it’s important, we just went to sleep, is all.  Sleep is important too.  And then, I am in Eastern Standard (until tomorrow) time, not like you westerners, sigh.  I was one of you once, but no more.

e on 04/05/06 at 01:35 PM
e's avatar

well this is very strange.  apparently this exchange was held a year ago, i remember it, way back at the innauguraion of scrine.  and here it is, anniversarily repeating itself this year.  sent me an email to announce itself, it did.  hmmmm….was this originally not the very first scrine comment exchange?

e on 04/05/06 at 10:41 PM
Keith's avatar

It was.  I’m experimenting with ways to move over the old comment threads.

Keith on 04/06/06 at 12:34 AM
boot's avatar

Oh, yay! 

Sooooooo, can I help?!

boot on 04/06/06 at 01:01 AM
e's avatar

my comments!  my coments, come home to me!

e on 04/06/06 at 01:43 AM



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