the unfinished book

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About a year ago, I nearly finished a book.  There were only about twenty pages left.  

The book is Moondust by Andrew Smith.

If you intend to read this book, you may consider what… read more

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Little Cities of Lost Books

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Recently, thanks to roundabout news of library closures in the US, I was reminded of the thin and dull day when I found out that my childhood library was gone.

I had thought it would have just been shut… read more

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a bird in my heart, its worth immeasurable

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Looking over old Scrines, I am forced to recall how magical a place Scrine was and still is. And so it will be, while my heart still beats and my mind recalls.

I can donate my time, my earnings, and,… read more

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panda on my bum
boot on The Welcome Mat
Keith on The Welcome Mat
boot on my heart, in bloom
boot on gritty
boot on glorious
Snailrind on gritty
Snailrind on glorious
boot on glorious
'mouse on glorious