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There is something about being a responsible person for most your life that makes you crave things that, when you examine them honestly, you don't even want.

It isn't the tales of wild times and barely-escaped adventures.  It's the insouciance.… read more

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The woman stopped in mid-stroke suddenly.  She looked at the swimming pool, glistening wavelets rocking her slightly.  She scratched her plastic-coated head.

She turned to begin another lap and paused again.  She was a woman of habit.  A swim each… read more

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His eyes were sandpaper.

Not like sandpaper.  They were paper balls, covered with a fine layer of sand.

His face was wooden.

Not, as you will have guessed, emotionless and still, but wood.  Knotholes and all.

He was an analogy and… read more

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panda on my bum
boot on The Welcome Mat
Keith on The Welcome Mat
boot on my heart, in bloom
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Snailrind on gritty
Snailrind on glorious
boot on glorious
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