TAGS: fiction, short-shorts, spaces, time, unreal places

The room had an almost unreal feel to the air.  It was just an abandoned old hall, but it seemed to carry life in it, when all that was usually there was dust and chairs.

A girl sat in the… read more

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out among the roses

    TAGS: dreams, fiction, loneliness, plants, roses, storytelling

The still of morning was stark as she walked around her garden, chatting to each plant, admonishing some and encouraging others.

She recalled the dream of last night, when, quite naturally, each plant chatted back to her.  They were not… read more

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panda on my bum
boot on The Welcome Mat
Keith on The Welcome Mat
boot on my heart, in bloom
boot on gritty
boot on glorious
Snailrind on gritty
Snailrind on glorious
boot on glorious
'mouse on glorious