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Welcome to the Scrine House of Boot.

Glorious thanks, as always, to Keith.  For Scrine.  For being such a fine individual.  And, lastly, for my very own room at Scrine.  At this stage, we're still to find a place for the giant number 8 and the bloodied machetes, but what's a home if there's isn't the potential for extensions.

This will be a sporadic playground for my words and observations.  There may be spurts of random chaos and quiet weeks of lolling in the sun.  There might be posts that last forever, but there will also be - thanks to training from our long lost Goliard - words that disappear without notice.  

But, whatever it will be, it will be a place of words.

This is especially helped with the assistance of our local 'eight-armed' librarian.  Look, there she is!  Just down there on the right of the screen, her arms full of books.  Hit the refresh button and she'll find you some more books she loves.  Books in space, books right out there, books (taps chest) that live in here.  Books, books, books!  

Thanks, Keith.  And, welcome.

on 13 December, 2008 'mouse said . . .

'mouse's avatar

I plan to get me one of those library things and learn to use it one of these years.

on 13 December, 2008 boot said . . .

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It is most excellent, but now it is excellent fun.  Keith’s idea of having it randomly load with different titles and sets of books has turned it into insane fun.  I trawl through the books I’ve uploaded and add tags just suited to boot-scrine (like scrine-critters or scrine-space).  I also find myself walking around my *actual* library looking for ideas to hook the books together.  Colours, big loves, bees, puns.  It is so much fun that it is no doubt about to be banned.

You should just grab yourself a LibraryThing account and have a go.  I think the first 200 books that you upload are free.  I only have about 1/5th of my library uploaded so far, but considering the only person I’m doing it for is me, there’s no pressure to hurry it along.

on 26 March, 2013 Keith said . . .

Keith's avatar

You’re welcome, Keith replied, four and a half years later.

Promptness was not his long suit.

on 25 May, 2013 boot said . . .

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Thank you, boot replied earnestly.

Timeliness was not her concern. Ladybugs and words most certainly were.

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