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  • boot: Wrong, just wrong: Feeling imperceptibly attractive, Kierkegaard begged with the duck.
  • Keith: Minimalist Jones animatedly scared his favorite toaster.
  • boot: Fiend!
  • boot: Feeling delectably rotten, Perkins shot the duck!
  • Keith: Feeling tantalisingly annoyed, Keith's house giraffe navigated the pantry.
  • pam: Feeling unstintingly invincible, Jukebox McGill froze the duck! (Aww, Jukebox McGill made it into Bogus Scrine.)

2013 Supporters

boot, littledevilworks

2012 Supporters

boot, littledevilworks

2011 Supporters

Boot, Carrot, littledevilworks, 'mouse

2010 Supporters

Boot, Pam, 'mouse, Grudknows

2010 "Above & Beyond" Supporters

'mouse, Boot

2009 Supporters

Boot, e, 'mouse, JadedBeauty, littledevilworks

2008 Supporters

'mouse, e, Grudknows, Boot, You can call me, 'Sir', littledevilworks, Skif, Bakerina, Pam

2008 "Above & Beyond" Supporters

'mouse, Other Keith, Pam, Boot, and one real name I can't quite match up with a screen name

Scrine Gambles Everything on a New Nest, or, Trouble in a Pair of Dice

Scrine is on the move once again and you are cordially invited to come along for the ride.

While the site, sentences, and all of its various secret inner workings are being relocated, you can visit Scrine at  This is temporary domain change only until everything of importance is moved.

Existing members’ usernames, screen names, and email addresses will remain the same.  You will, however, need to use the “Forgot my password” link on the login screen to get a new, temporary password.  Once logged in, you can access the control panel and change your password to whatever you want.  If you have trouble, or prefer Keith to take care of things for you, email him at keith [at] scrine [dot] com. will continue to be visible, but all new entries starting on February 18 will need to be made at the new site at